[Summer Sale held✨] LINE friend survey results report

Summer Sale held!

summer collection

IVYgolf will be holding a Summer Sale from July 18, 2023, offering up to 10% off on some eligible products.

Target products were determined based on the results of IVYgolf's LINE friend-only survey.

We have completed compiling the questionnaires that everyone has responded to, and would like to report the results.

LINE friend survey results

This time, 178 people cooperated with the survey.

We will introduce the survey results for each category. First up is the tops section.

・Tops section

Tops survey results

1st place: No-button rib knit polo shirt 56.2% (100 votes)

2nd place: Heart button pattern knit polo shirt 29.8% (53 votes)

3rd place: Japanese pattern embroidered knit polo shirt 14% (25 votes)

This no-button rib knit polo shirt, which can be worn with many different outfits, received 100 votes and took the 1st place✨

・Skirt section

Skirt survey results

1st place: Asymmetric pleated wrap skirt 55.6% (99 votes)

2nd place: Side pleated skirt 34.8% (62 votes)

3rd place: Phoevie culotte mini skirt (mid length) 9.6% (17 votes)

The asymmetric pleated skirt, which was once out of stock and was a best-selling item, took first place!

This is an item we would like everyone to wear during the Summer Sale💚

・Pants section

Pants survey results

1st place: Charlie Flair shorts 49.24% (88 votes)

2nd place: Waist Ribbon Grace Shorts 28.1% (50 votes)

3rd place: Drawstring sweat long pants 22.5% (40 votes)

Charlie Flair shorts, which give a feminine impression despite being a pant style, were ranked number 1✨

Black is easy to mix and match, and sapphire blue is a perfect color for the summer season.

・One Piece Department

One Piece Survey Results

1st place: Mini puff sleeve classical dress 64.6% (115 votes)

2nd place: Smiley Heart Tight Dress 18% (32 votes)

3rd place: Two-tone Harper dress 17.4% (31 votes)

In the dress category, the Mini Puff Classic Dress, which has an elegant and calm impression, won first place.

This is the item you can purchase at the best price in this Summer Sale✨

Your voice supports IVYgolf!

These are the results of this survey. Thank you very much for your valuable opinions.

A large number of people responded to the survey this time, and the second place item in each category also received a considerable number of votes.

Therefore, we have decided to hold a [5% OFF] sale on the 2nd place item in each category as well.

At IVYgolf, we will continue to value your voice, so we look forward to hearing your opinions and comments.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Sale.

Check out the Summer Sale collection←

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