[2023 AUTUMN COLLECTION] Notice of release start

2023 AUTUMN COLLECTION now on sale

The hot days are still continuing, but how are you all doing?
2023 AUTUMN COLLECTION is now on sale at IVY golf from today!
This time, we will introduce recommended items from among the new autumn items ♡
Please use this as a reference as the golf season gets cooler.
Two-tone rib knit with a large triangle collar.

The large triangle collar makes your neck look slimmer.

Not only that, but by bringing a bright color to the collar and center, it puts weight in the center and tightens the overall silhouette.

This item has a slimming design that shines because it is a rib knit that matches the silhouette of your body.
Check pattern tuck skirt with belt.

The included belt and tuck skirt silhouette create a beautiful finish around the waist.

Another great thing about it is that it is made from wool material, so it doesn't wrinkle easily💚

The color scheme and check pattern create an autumn design, making it the perfect item to pair with shirts and cardigans that you want to wear in the fall.
White / Black / Pink ¥8,420
Embroidered knit with an eye-catching star pattern.

The eye-catching star pattern is decorated with colorful points, making it a cute knit item on its own💚

This knit cardigan will make you feel excited just by putting it on in the pleasant autumn breeze, making it a versatile piece that can be used for everything from outdoor activities to visiting cafes.
Ivory / Black / Dusty Pink / Gray ¥9,180
An elegant and sophisticated V-neck zipper slim rib knit that feels like the autumn breeze.

The V-neck design makes your décolleté line look beautiful and brings out your feminine charm.

In addition, the rib knit material fits the body and has the effect of beautifully tightening the silhouette.

This item is both comfortable to wear and has a design that gives a slim and sophisticated impression, making it easy to move around while playing golf, and can also be incorporated into your daily outfit.

This is an extremely versatile item that combines the autumn seasonal feel and style.
Black / Ivory ¥11,000
A knit cardigan featuring two-tone and large colors.

The knits are woven using various patterns such as checks and ropes, giving a classic impression, and the design of the item itself is reminiscent of autumn.

No matter which of the three color variations you choose, it's a color scheme that will easily create an image for your fall coordination. ✨

A classic and easy-to-use knit cardigan 💚

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